ClientSmart is a web-based application to handle all scheduling, data capture, and reporting needs for mystery shopping companies. The system is easy to use and offers a lot of flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

clarity counts

Update 2019-02-12: It has come to our attention that people are receiving bogus letters using a fake ClientSmart logo inviting them to participate in an item purchase shop. This is not an actual shop. We assure you that any shops claiming to come directly from ClientSmart are not authentic. Do not participate or follow the instructions in the letter! This is a scam and you will not receive any money by participating.
about ClientSmart
mystery shopping system

We were contacted by a mystery shopping company who needed assistance with its web site. The company was using proprietary software for its data needs, but it was evident that a new solution was necessary. The company looked at options on the market and realized something different was needed to meet its needs.

ClientSmart was created by combining the expertise of two companies (MarketApproach and ParticleWeb) into one product. ParticleWeb offers experience in web design, hosting and graphic design while MarketApproach has provided scheduling and editing services to mystery shopping companies along with market research analysis. With years of experience in these areas, the two companies brought their expertise into the creation of the ClientSmart product.

With the assistance of mystery shopping companies, shoppers, and schedulers, ClientSmart created an application capable of matching the functionality of the top applications in the industry and have also provided unique capabilities which make ClientSmart truly special. Check it out yourself and you will clearly see the difference.

client testimonials

"Consumer Eye is marking its 10th year in business. Her original partner left three years ago, around the time that Stever set up the Web-based Clientsmart, which expedites the reporting process. She said revenue has increased more than fourfold since she implemented Clientsmart [emphasis added]."New Mexico Business Weekly - May 23, 2008 - Full Article

"It is without reservation that we highly recommend ClientSmart as a reporting application for the Mystery Shopping Industry. This application is one of the many we use as MSPA Gold Certified shoppers. We find it both easy to use and having the ability to move from section to section with great speed. We feel this program can be easily mastered by both beginner and more experienced shoppers."Robert and Ramona Ballenger

  • Easy to use for schedulers, editors, shoppers, and clients
    • ClientSmart is easily navigated and everyone will pick up on it quickly.
    • With a custom home page for all users, everyone sees only the projects they're working on, without having to go through multiple steps and pages to get there.
    • Context-sensitive help links are provided throughout in case extra assistance is needed.
    • All survey information entered is automatically spell-checked and saved as the shopper enters the information.
    • Customized shopper registration per client rather than a standard one for every client. Includes a shopper agreement for every shopper to read and sign, specific to your company.
  • Employee-centric scoring available!
    • Ability to score individual employees on a survey. Employees can be linked to questions or to an entire section of the survey.
    • Provide your clients with the employee-centric scoring and reports. Enables use of program for employee incentives, training, and performance grading.
  • Competitive Pricing!
    • Unlimited email notification to shoppers included with your plan.
    • Auto-schedule and manual schedule for the same low price!
    • ClientSmart is competitively priced in the market. We want your business, and price our product so it's affordable for your business.
    • Discounts available to ALL clients, regardless of the number of shops completed each month. We want all customers, big and small!
    • Free web site creation and hosting for your business with a ClientSmart license.